Rencontres éthiopiennes

Rencontres éthiopiennes


Not deaf or stupid this place is infiltrated with well not deaf or most not women, just be careful!

Mes détails

EmplacementWilmington, New Castle, Delaware, États-Unis StatutDivorcé
Age49, Homme, 6'0" (183 cm) CherchantFemme
IntentionsVoir ce qui se passe PersonnalitéCalme-toi
Site Signe étoilePoissons

À propos de moi

there's a certain look a deaf person has and I swear I don't see many of that here as a matter of fact I've run into more scammers than any place I've ever been, losers who have to pretend to be women, cause their country is poor but not as poor as their thinking...! plus all are beautiful and most are 5'5"...! Into the arts, I enjoy combining the visual with music, I love to travel..! Please, believe me when I say I want nothing to do with the INSTITUTION of marriage, I know exactly what I am talking about. I have studied this for years and know it inside out. Pets are o.k. as long as it's not herding, I would prefer no children and not wanting as well..! Oh one more thing I'm a Vegetarian..! Many fake posts in here I can spot them in a heartbeat so don't waste my time, I already know the Nigerian scam..! and every other it's hard to be honestly dishonest..!

Mon identité et ma personnalité

EthnicitéHispanique RomanceOccasionnellement romantique
NationalitéÎles mineures éloignées des États-Unis Vues du mariageOn ne va pas se marier.
OccupationRetraité LanguesAnglais / Espagnol
ÉducationÉcole secondaire ReligionSpirituel

Mon apparence et mon style de vie

Couleur des cheveuxNoir Avoir des enfantsNe vivez pas avec moi
Couleur des yeuxBrun Voulez-vous des enfants ?Je ne veux pas d'enfants.
Type de corpsMoyenne Avoir un animal de compagniePas de Animaux
Préférence alimentaireVégétarien Habitudes de consommation d'alcoolSocialement
Habitudes d'exercice1-2 fois par semaine Habitudes de fumerJamais
Art corporelPas du tout Habitudes médicamenteusesJamais


Art, and music Now this I can not emphasis enough if you wanna scam me you are in for a big surprise, so I already know that you will have problems with your phone or connection, and the yes dear, and the honey that comes with the language never works...I am also a programmer so chose me wisely. The i would love to visit you but can't afford it is played out gentlemen...! I was raised in NYC and know languages very well, so don't bother..!I know you can get a photo from anywhere, besides there is a way that I know of that gives me the origin and date of the photo, another mistake you make...!



I need someone that truly understands what marriage is and how unimportant it is in reality, this has been a big problem because people actually believe that is essential to love someone as a matter of fact some consider it almost religious, when in fact it is a business, very difficult subject matter just like religion and politics..! Apparently people prefer to be lied to than to be told the truth.





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