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Papaaloa, United States

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Age: 55


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Personality: Friendly

Who am I? I am a man. There was a day this had a clarified meaning, but since the definition is blurred, mocked and politically-incorrect, I'll elaborate. I'm confident, a gentleman, my word is my bond, I mean what I say and say what I mean, socially successful and people-oriented. I have a charming personality I've been told that captivates a local audience. My personality is caring and warm, but strong. I'm a dreamer and an acheiver. I "know" how to do relationships. Your door will be opened and closed 100% of the time and I will take care of your needs and embrace your desires. I don't cater to whims, but I am aware and considerate. I also have "staying power" with relationships. I don't bail because of seasons. The woman in my life will never have to yearn for balance in the relationship. I have a gift of recognizing and satisfying all the needs within the relationship in just the right amounts. I like to motivate and help others toward positive goals and tend to make others feel good about themselves. I am also good at communicating with others, listening to them, seeing their point of view and being empathic. I'm a giver, but I am not overly smothering or dependent on the other person. 
Looking For: I am looking for someone I can admire for who she is, someone whose flaws I can love. I really admire someone who is emotionally centered and content in herself. Someone that is able to say: "I'm sorry, I was wrong", and that does not make her feel oppressed or less valuable. I am looking for my best friend and life companion at once. A woman with great character and values that she lives by. She has an insatiable curiosity about life and desire to participate in life's wonders and experiences. There's more, but, that's what meeting is for. It get's better, that I can promise you.
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