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57, male, Single

Appin, Canada

I appreciate all forms of music and like most. I recently quit "normal" work to pursue music. I also operate a small hobby farm here where I live and that, believe it or not, is just as difficult to pay the bills with as the music business. But I am not afraid, I drum pretty well and I know in my heart and head that I can do it. Just waiting for that opportunity to come knocking as well as checking "drummer wanted" ads every few days.I have had girlfriends over the years, music has sometimes "got in the way" and I hope to find a musician girlfriend for a change. This, in my sometimes scattered and abstract mind, could provide a special link.My analysis of another dating site that I have been on for a while... 98% of the female profiles say they don't do drugs whereas some say that about 30 to 40% of Canadians enjoy a toke... what's up with that? Toking is about as crazy as I get, I do it a lot but can also go long periods without. And the pictures of woman are nearly embarrassing to me... I suppose I am very old fashioned by the looks of it, s nearly popping out of their shirts, not what I needed to see in a potential mate. Many of the "look at my chest" women go on to say in their profile that they don't want to see a man's junk or topless picture... what's with that? I hope this gives you an idea of how "sheltered" I am from the non musician mentality. I just want to play drums, make great music, entertain people and make enough to get by. I own most of my little farm so if things stay the way they are (playing in multiple bands making peanuts in "B" venues) then I will sell the property and be alright financially. After 20+year jobs managing people and a couple years since, floundering around a few other jobs, the pursue music voice has become louder. I leave you with a funny from an old Canadian comic, Emo Phillips, she said we can make beautiful music together so I pulled on one of her nose hairs and went "boom boom boom"

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37, male, Single

Vereda de San Felix, Ethiopia

I am samuel Tsegaye! I live in Ethiopia ! I am An accountant and I do some jobs in par times! I need a true girl friend ! I will go to up to marriage! Its my interest! I don't believe in an asset but I believe in true Love! I believe in discussion! I believe In true love! I believe help for others! I believe to respect and afraid in God!

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61, male, Divorced

Titusville, United States

It is my strongest desire to join this great site in search of lifetime partner, I am passionate and humble man, I can make my beloved woman really the happiest woman in the world with my care, affection and understanding. I appreciate love when its right. I like going out to the nature breathing fresh air and just relaxing, I adore organizing picnic. I am interested in a woman who love to marry and live with husband for the rest of life no divorce, till death apart us, if your interested kindly get in touch with me for everlasting relationship. So I am looking for a second part of my heart, a loyal, considerate, caring woman. she may not be all that beautiful, but she gives all her care and love to me as the husband, just as I do. open in every area of life. get in touch with me.

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32, male, Single

Raleigh, United States

I am young outdoor lover, but in free time motivates others to go into the wild through organizing trips, even on cost to cost basis, hikes and other fun things. I am also a Tour operator, have been to Concordia K2 base camp Thrice and take part in some events by adventure organisation "Go travel"..The most amazing thing I have done is that I trekked for 12 days, more than 300 km, from Askoli to K2 Base camp in June 2013 and 2014 ..I have been to China by road from Karachi, PakistanIt was more than 12000 km, i hitchhiked and used buses and trains :) did n't use hotels though but hostels and couchsurfing.. where locals assisted and hosted me :)if you have anymore Questions please ask me..

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27, female, Single

Whitecairns, United Kingdom

my name is Ola and am 19years old of age.Am also a graduate of mass communication of lead university.Am a easy going young lady and down to earth.i like serious minded people that are focus in life.I signed up to this site because i cant to make good and responsible friends here.

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