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60, female, Divorced

San Antonio, United States

Laughter is key to a good relationship, commitment common interests, I like to explore and see what's out there I'm up for most things just not to extreme curious about many things and like the outdoors. Just become prepared because I like to do things on the spur of thevmoment and must like animals. Don't mind if you hunt for food but sport hunting is cruel.

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24, female, Single

Los Vallejos, Spain

I consider myself a calm and positive person, I am friendly and hardworking. My center of my life is my faith. I have a source character but do not keep resentment or anger for long.I can not stand lies, cheating in relationships and people that acting like a victim and blame others for their mistakes.I currently work in a hospital, I like my job. In the past I've worked in the music industry and banking. Reaches the conclusion that money is not important. In the past I lived in Depok, but currently living in Madrid (Spain). When I'm not working, I play the gamelan at the Indonesian

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28, male, Single

Gharshin, Pakistan

i'm a 22 years old student boy from Pakistan . often people don't wana make friend from Pakistan as due to the misconception , people especially from USA and Europe concider us terrorist . if we are terrorist then why are we fighting against terrorist in our country ?... killing and destroying them . i don't think a man is muslim who kills a human being either he is a muslim , jew, christian or any our Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (s.a.w.) had said , the man who kills a human being he is not to be concidered one of us , as well as He said , to kill a man is concidered to kill the whole mankind......think if we are terrorist then why they killed our children and brothers in our own country , they are not our's country people, they are our enemies .we also want peace in our country and in the whole world , we are first human then muslims , jews and christians, so don't judge a man by his religion. thank you for your inerest .

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47, female, Divorced

Edinburgh, Scotland, Midlothian, United Kingdom

Confident, happy, healthy, warm and loving, well-travelled, adventurous and different. I have a lovely life, which includes my adorable dog, planning trips and exploring new places, delicious healthy food, nice friends, enjoying a bit of luxury and being pampered!I prefer extraordinary over ordinary, and natural health over a GP visit. Over the years I've read many fascinating books and, coupled with living in other places, it has expanded my mind and made me see the world through a different lens. During lockdown I qualified as a yin yoga teacher (although I don't teach, I did the course for fun), and I've spent the last 18 months renovating two homes (one after the other), which has been hard work but also rewarding. I took up golf again and enjoy hacking the ball down the fairway. I feel ready for a king who has already build his kingdom and doesn't feel the need to prove anything to anyone. Someone wise, emotionally mature, happy and healthy, confident and outgoing, who wants to look after his partner, even although he knows she can look after herself, would happily jump on a flight on a whim to go and do something exciting, is taller than me and easy on the eye!ENFP. Unvaxxed. Haven't watched the news for 7.5 years.

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59, male, Single

Cole Camp, United States

am a gentle minded man..with a loving heart of single and searching for a serious minded woman someone to call mine and someone to spend the rest of my life with happily,am an architect and I own my bussines

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