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Dating Prospect haymos

Vista Alegre, Ethiopia

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Usuku, Uganda

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Vista Alegre, Ethiopia

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Wad Saa`d, Sudan

Dating Prospect dannyman38

Vereda de San Felix, Ethiopia

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Brackenfell, South Africa

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Vista Alegre, Ethiopia

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Craig, United States

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45, female, Single

MacQuarrie Edge, Zambia

I am a builder primarily and director secondary but builder is my dominant personality. Primarily I am social, Loyal, dependable, patient. community oriented and orderly. Secondary I am decisive, focused, analytical, logical, independent and self disciplined. Relation or friendship is important to me and I am protective of people I love. Yet am skeptical of people who are impulsive and impatient with those who dont "get to the point" in conversation. Above all i am a caring social loving person and i love to sing in church and home.

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29, male, Single

Orlinoe, Kenya

iam dan i young and energetic guy iam medium height chocolate in co lour i like traveling and watching reading and playing indoors games

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64, male, Widowed

Mbna, United States

I'm optimistic that lightning will strike at just the right moment, with just the right person! winks, taking a moment to say hello or drop your emaill is much more meaningful :-)I would describe myself as happy, outgoing, warm, friendly and engaging. I would also say that I tend to lean more on the traditional side, and appreciate a little more of the old fashioned way of dating and romance... A lost art to many these days it seems! Although trying to meet someone online doesn't fall under the old fashion way of meeting, I have faith in the process!.....I guess I am usually a pretty quiet person but I like to do adventurous things. I like getting outside into nature. I have always been physically active and have worked to stay in good shape. I look forward to exercising. I would rather do sports than watch sports. My sporting activity has changed over the years, from surfing and volleyball to windsurfing and now to cycling and golf. I am running a little also. l would like to learn to dance better if I found the right lady to be with. I enjoy traveling to places near and far. Cultural destinations are good but my favorite vacations are to places that offer some interesting outdoor activity such as hiking or mountain biking or maybe just walking around. I am up for trying new things. I do enjoy watching movies, especially independent or foreign films. They can take you away form the ordinary and often seem more authentic than the mass market stuff. I do not watch much TV, maybe some PBS shows or occasional sports, but I'm definitely not a football/baseball junky. I like a lot of outdoors like going to the movie and going camping, I love to play tennis,golf,soccer and baseball

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47, female, Divorced

Singapore, Sweden

I believe in Love and I'm looking for my everlasting Love!

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56, male, Divorced

Pfulgriesheim, France

I love the Ocean and being in and on it. Like friendly people, also good food (especialy Italien) and keep the Body in good sharp. like to travel but only individuell and i like my work

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Enion, United States

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Enarj Enawga, Ethiopia

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Abidjan, Cote D'Ivoire

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Solwezi District, , Zambia

Dating Prospect yosiefe

Addis Ababa, Addis Ababa, Zone 1, Ethiopia

Dating Prospect rawlingsmuyela

Enziu, Eastern, Kitui, Kenya

Dating Prospect aautaconon21

New York, United Kingdom

Dating Prospect steph

Ouagadougou Airport, , Burkina Faso

Dating Prospect 23momo

Ellsworth, United States

Dating Prospect jay

Tugol Saj, Kenya

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Bure Mudaytu, Ethiopia

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Hargeisa, Somalia

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Meeteetse, United States

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Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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Vereda de San Felix, Ethiopia

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Af-Siot, Ghana


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